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EMI Music Publishing / Where Songs Live
EMI Music Publishing is one of the world’s largest and most innovative music publishers, representing top artists/songwriters such as Kanye West, Sting, White Stripes, Kelly Clarkson, and Pink, among others.

However, EMI Music Publishing’s communications did not convey innovation or reflect the company's role as a creative force in the industry.

To shift the company’s brand perception, Love and War developed a campaign targeting music supervisors, agencies, production companies, and other creative professionals. Our ads – anchored by the tag line “Where Songs Live“ - championed songwriters as creative heroes and showed the power of songs to add dimension, humor, and poetry to any life moment.

Launched internationally as a print ad series, the campaign was then supplemented by a range of online and offline marketing in key domestic markets, including a dramatic fold-out in Billboard Magazine’s 2008 and 2009 year-end special editions.